Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Palestinian Brazilian World Cup

Clouds are raining bombs.

GOAL! Is that Germany's 4th goal? The sound of a cheering crowd overwhelms the cries of a devastated Palestinian mother who just lost her 5 year old son.

A young Brazilian boy weeps as his team attempts to salvage the situation. It's players running exhausted across the field, hoping, maybe, just maybe, they'll catch up.

There goes another gun shot.

This time an older man, probably of the age 75, a shot to the head killed him instantly. His grandchildren mourn his death, their tears joining the rivers flowing down Brazilian cheeks as Germany scores it's 6th goal.

There is no pain comparable to that of loss. The Brazilians will know, they have been waiting on a chance to redeem themselves since the great defeat in1950. Another loss will break them.

Another Palestinian life lost will make us stronger, more determined to; fight harder, pray longer, push further.

Germany scores!!! 7 Goals! 7 Goals!

The Brazilians run faster as they feel history repeat itself.  Their determined spirits put a ball in the goal! That is the sweet smell of dignity.

Sometimes, a small win is all we need to gather hope.

They cry their loss but will begin prepping for the next home world cup.

It may take 5,10,60 or 100 more years, but every drop of blood will water a fertile land of courageous Palestinian seeds.

It's just a matter of time until the next Brazilian World Cup.

It's just a matter of time before we harvest the produce of a fresh Palestinian fight.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Lesson on Humanity

“Egypt does not recognize the travel document they issue to Palestinian refugees, on that basis, we cannot officially acknowledge the authenticity of your document”. This is the reason Japan refused to issue me – a Palestinian, carrying an Egyptian travel document for refugees – a visa.

“However, we are very keen on assisting any person interested in visiting our country and believe it is important to open our doors to potential tourists, thus, kindly accept this temporary Japanese travel document that we have issued in your name. It will allow you to enter Japan without any troubles at passport control.”

I stood there quietly, astonished. Humbled at the level of humanity exhibited by the Japanese authority representatives. Touched by the welcoming attitude clearly pulsing through their words.

The majority of Middle Eastern countries refuse to issue visas to Palestinian refugees for the same reasons stated above but instead of searching for solutions, they choose to simply reject applications, even before they are submitted to immigration.  

To the Japanese government, thank you for your undefeated greatness and to the rest of the world, well, there is always a lesson to be learnt from the humanity of others.

Note: My mother is traveling to Japan in a few weeks so I wanted to share the story of  her visa journey at the Japanese embassy, because to me, it exemplifies the true meaning of a great nation. I used first person, but obviously my mother is the protagonist.