Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Heart, Home of The Palestinian Lands

“Everyone has a land to live in, except Palestinians, our land lives within us”

My arms, powerful Palestinian stones,
Tossed at cowardly Israeli soldiers shielded by their tanks.
My hair, electricity-deprived Palestinian homes,
Lit only by the occasional Israeli flashing bombs.
My eyes, sharp homemade Palestinian knives,
Slashing back at intrusive soldiers stabbing Palestinian honor.
My lips, sealed tight like Palestinian borders,
Opened occasionally to temporarily free a select few from inevitable horror.
My body, existing in a country with a completely different policy,
Missing my spirit that went astray in the so called “occupied territory”

My heart, home of the Palestinian Lands...

My soul, burns like phosphorus covering Palestinian skin,
Ignited by gutless leaders afraid to speak about evident illegal weapons.
My fury, Strong as a Palestinian Martyr’s patient grieving mom,
Commenced by the shooting of a twelve year old boy hiding behind his father’s arm.
My tears, red as a dead Palestinian child’s blood,
Flowing down my cheeks like a river and in to the ocean of blood staining the floor.
My feelings, aching like a Palestinian newborn’s bullet hole,
Agonized by the helplessness of living abroad, sitting paralyzed watching the suffering and war,

My heart, home of the Palestinian Lands...

My pride, invincible, like Palestinian hope,
Strengthened with sixty years of resistance and fighting for our Palestinian home.
My ego, as high as Israeli soldiers comfortable on the peaks of their tanks,
An armor made of pure Palestinian courage, fearlessly facing those killing machines.
My esteem, unbeatable, like The Strong Palestinian People,
Rewarded by the persistence of defense attacks by amateurs, with nothing but handmade bombs.
My forgiveness, Impossible!... My enemies, since 1948, we have always been and still are INDESTRUCTIBLE, 

My heart, home of the Palestinian Lands...

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