Friday, January 27, 2012

Trapped In A Colorful Bubble

"The world is not a safe place." 

That phrase we hear over and over again from our parents, our families and all our loved ones who care enough to keep us from harms way.

Afraid Of Nothing?
It's quite intriguing though that we continue to "advise" one another to be careful, to avoid this and that, when really, at the end of the day, many of us have never experienced anything even slightly dramatic, never mind "horrifying". So what is it that we are so afraid of? And does it stop at advice?

Well, actually, it doesn't. Adding to our obsessive fright from the "anonymous", we refuse to listen to the misfortunes of others and tend to cover our ears or place our hands on our chests as a gesture of the indirect "pain" we feel from speaking about the "evils" of the world. This is explicable, as humans, we are not "wired" to enjoy killing or torture or crime...But have we ever thought of the connotations of our reaction to peoples misfortunes and to the "unbelievable" crimes? Are we indirectly becoming purposely oblivious to evil and horror that DO exist in the world?

Tuning Out
What happens if we ignore all that discomforts us in our surroundings but gladly welcome celebrations and happy occasions? What are the implications of our attitudes? Do our children grow up afraid of anything out of the "norm" and thus, become cowards if faced with a difficult situation from those "taboo" topics we hush up about?

I feel sheltered. I cannot pinpoint my exact opposition to our natural reactions but it simply feels "wrong"..if that makes any sense.

Note: This is merely a thought outburst, not meant to be an analysis piece, just a thought. I will come back to the idea of "taboo" topics because it is an essential matter for discussion.  

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