Monday, February 20, 2012

Khader Adnan...You Protect Our Dignity

For those who do not know about Khader Adnan and his hunger strike, please read this brief as his story of perseverance is one that will surely be remembered for centuries to come.

Khader is a 33 year old Palestinian man, from "Arrabeh" village near Jenin in the occupied West Bank. He was taken from his bed by Israeli forces at 3:30 am on the 17th of December 2011. He was arrested under the umbrella of the Israeli-created "administrative detention". This form of arrest basically allows Israel to hold prisoners without charge or trial for periods of up to six months while reserving the right to renew the detention indefinitely.

Adnan was humiliated from day one in Israeli prisons when soldiers primitively stepped on his beard and used profane language and actions in their dealings with him. His response was to rebel and begin a hunger strike. 

Adnan has not eaten anything in 65 days in protest to the humiliation and ridiculous policy of administrative detention. He believes that beginning a hunger strike is the only option viable given his situation to draw media attention and put pressure on the Israeli government to end this unjust form of detention.

Share this post to show your support for Khader Adnan and all administrative prisoners who are sitting in Israeli jails, helplessly without lawyers, trials or support. Their only crime is their Palestinian identity.

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