Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dear Netanyahu: Children Are Not Militants!

I read an article on the internet the other day justifying the attacks on Gaza and declaring that Israel is merely “defending” itself against Gazan rockets. What I fail to comprehend though (and help me out here if I am missing a “bigger picture”), is how Israel, who essentially started the attacks on Gaza last Friday prior to any rockets being fired by Islamic armed wings is irritated at Gaza’s response to the violence?

I presume the alternative Israel sought was… silence?

You see I cannot seem to understand how you can knock on someone’s door and get aggravated by their response! So, dear Netanyahu (or not so dear, it is just the norm of the phrase you see), how is it that you expect the logical rules of humanity will be bent for your racist nation?

YOU commenced the attacks on Gaza last Friday when all violence was halted and now you seek international compassion because a few rockets fell on your territories and “frightened” people! What about the children killed in Gaza, not scared…killed. What about the families now deprived from their dearest members and the terror among the Gazans caused by the high-tech weapons and ever so precise bombs taking lives of innocent civilians? What infuriates me most is the defense so ignorantly expressed by Israeli media claiming that all attacks were aimed at “militants”.

I scream: NO Israel! Children are NOT militants and Gazans are NOT soldiers, the people of Gaza have suffered economic, social and political distress because of the unjust occupation and still, you insist on further adding to their sorrows. 

My people are strong; they have withstood the war on Gaza in 2008 and will defy your tanks and machine guns for many years to come. Beware, we are Palestinians and the attack of our cherished land only fuels our fury. 

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