Friday, March 23, 2012

I Am Arab Dignity…Worry You Not

 *This is a letter to Syria & Palestine. It comes as a response to the letters so powerfully written by Aya Elwadia on her blog: Dear Justice, Dear Freedom* 

Dear Syria & Palestine,

Stay strong dear freedom warriors. I understand that the number of martyrs in Syria is ascending daily, Jerusalem faces repeated Israeli attacks, Gaza suffers from electricity shortages and hundreds of Palestinians are killed and arrested each day. Still, do not worry, I have you backs. I will continue to openly abhor and clearly reject the atrocities happening in the heart of my nation.

I have a plan. I care for my nations’ wellbeing and protecting them from pain. You may have heard of Arab Idol, (my nation’s favorite television program), well, I have devised the program to distract people from the murders in Homs and abductions in Jerusalem. Your Arab brothers and sisters shall not witness the pain and sorrow stabbing your souls. My job is to protect my nation and I will do so. So worry you not.

As for your bleeding wounds, well, I have set another meeting for the Arab League, we will surely discuss the possibilities of intervention in Syria and aid in Gaza. We may even send more Arab monitors to Homs and provide fuel (sitting in excess in some of my nations) to Gaza. We have considered sending troops to Syria but I feel it is more appropriate to ban official military intervention and allow the fee army (which my leaders refuse to legitimately recognize) to handle that. So, worry you not.

You are in good hands my injured children. I will not stop diverting Arab attention away from your suffering through singing competitions and nation-wide talent shows, to reduce rippling pain. I will criticize the killings in Syria, deplore the fuel situation in Gaza and monitor attacks on Al-Aqsa on paper. Your best interest is my priority. So worry you not, my bleeding children. I have your backs.

Sincerely yours,
Arab Dignity

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