Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dictate Your Funeral Script

We stood quietly in the crowd. I could only hear the ever-so-silent weeping and sniffing sounds serenely composing a sad symphony to mourn the death of a colleague who passed away recently at the youthful age of 33.

I only attended the memorial service to pay my respects to the family suffering this tragedy and although I did not know their daughter, the memorial service forced silent tears down my cheek.

A lady stood by my side and cried. Her sobbing increased every time someone presented a poem, speech or memory to commemorate the life of their dear friend. She held on to my arm firmly. She was no friend of mine but the pain reflected through her actions practically begged me to be strong and comforting. I remained tranquil as long as I could but then she struck me with a question that triggered a stream of thoughts in my head, only death could halt.

"So this is it...When we are gone, it's a few words, pictures and tears and that's it?" -- She continued to pour her eyes out.

She said so little, yet so much! She broke open a window that had been sealed off in my head, she did not realize it, but she shone a beam of blinding light straight in to my eyes. "Is this it?"

I heard the beautiful words they uttered in the ceremony about the optimistic and bright nature of their colleague who had passed away. And in a sense, those words made me smile every time the choking feeling -we get before bursting in to tears- invaded my throat.

We need to ask ourselves the question  "How will we be remembered?" each day. Are we optimistic? Do we brighten people's days? How many people have you helped? How many people will stand at your memorial service and say "God Bless their soul, they illumined my world".

Think about that the next time you disrespect a homeless old man requesting help or mistreat the workers who clean your mess or grin in someone's face because you are having a bad day. I beg you to think! Pause...Then imagine your memorial service and the words you want to hear describe you. Dictate the script of your funeral with a good heart, positiveness and helping hand.

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