Monday, July 2, 2012

Palestinian Authority Police…Shame On You!

Shame on every member of the Palestinian Authority Police who participated audaciously in assaulting male and female protesters in Ramallah! You are not a dictatorship to employ force in dealing with people. Not because you' a democracy but simply because in reality, you have zero authority in all decision making processes that determine the country's future.  

Shame on every member of the Palestinian Authority police who consciously attacked other Palestinians to protect our representative, Mahmoud Abbas, as he meets with the Israeli Vice Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz– who may I remind you – represents the people responsible for the daily murdering of innocent Palestinians. Has the cause become so meaningless to you?  

Shame on every member of the Palestinian Authority who has obviously forgotten the true role of national police -to protect its people from dangers- and not to be the roots of threat! 
Peaceful protesting is a legitimate form of expression in all respectable international laws. The police’s job during protests is to protect the people from violence.

We have a cause and a country that was invaded 64 years ago. Our job, whether it be the police or the people is to fight for our cause. Only then can we recreate a united Falasteen.

Dear Palestinian Authority Police… If you have lost sight of the mission and have been stripped from your sense of patriotism, then with all my heart, I say… Shame on You!  

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